How do private credits work?



One of the main problems that we encounter when we apply for financing to a traditional credit institution are the long terms and the complication regarding paperwork. In the case of our credits, all these types of aspects are highly polished to ensure that the client obtains their loan quickly, easily and efficiently. It is only necessary to carry out the following steps:

Be clear about you we need

Be clear about what we need

In order to apply for a loan, of whatever type, you must know your financial needs and your financial situation. Before asking for money, you should ask yourself the following questions: Is it essential that you apply for a loan? Can I face my financial situation in a few months without having to go to a lender? What do I need the loan for? Will I be able to return it later? What term would be the most convenient for me?

All these questions will help you understand your situation and weigh your financial need.

Check if the loan has been approved and start collecting the documents

Check if the loan has been approved and start collecting the documents

Now that we know what you need, it is time to assess your credit request and check if it is acceptable. In less than 10 minutes you will receive a notification from our team so you know if the loan continues. If so, you will have to gather the following documentation. Don’t worry, everything can be obtained from the comfort of your home and sent by email over the Internet:

  • Copy of the current account and DNI.
  • Simple Note from the Land Registry. To obtain this document you will not have to leave home. You can do it through the internet and in less than 24 hours you will have it correctly endorsed in your email tray.
  • Copy of the deeds.
  • Last receipt of the IBI.
  • Copy of the home insurance well completed and in order.

This will be enough to formalize your file and be able to prepare the documents for the signing of the contract.

Sign before a notary

Sign before a notary

Once we have all the necessary information, and we have reached an agreement regarding the capital to be provided, the repayment terms, the amount of the installments and interest, it will be time to leave everything in writing along with the other conditions.

All loans must be reflected in a contract that, in turn, must be signed before a notary. The notary is the professional who is responsible for reading the contract in the presence of both parties and explaining any data that has not been made clear.

If you want, and to make you feel even more comfortable, you can select the preferred notary or notary yourself. We will happily adapt to your needs.

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